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Richmond, VA September 16

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What’s In It for You?

Business Skills

Increased Productivity
Customer Service


People Skills
Team Building


Wealth Building
Sales & Marketing
Investing & Finance

Good to Great!

Inspiration & Motivation
Goal Achievement
Time Management

Stay Motivated Business Seminar

Whether you want to advance your career, manage your time more efficiently, manage your team more effectively or relate better to those around you – the Stay Motivated Seminar is sure to take you there. That’s why this seminar is critically acclaimed as “an event every American should attend.” Motivation and Entertainment combined with Business Training from the world’s leading experts make the Stay Motivated Seminar the most powerful, most life-changing event we have ever produced.

Rouses sales reps, entrepreneurs and executives to higher levels
of business performance.
–The New York Times

Recharge... Return to work pumped and ready to do some serious business.
–The Dallas Morning News

A barnstorming Feel-Good Tour de Force.
–The Wall Street Journal

(He who hesitates is lost.)